Hi, for all the visitors  that will see this ,

i guess you’re wondering why you’re seeing this right?

It would be highly beneficial to your privacy if you didn’t ignore it.

this website got hacked and I have placed a Marlware on it  and your device has been affected, placing a spyware on your machine. Which has recorded you both with webcam and screen capture while you had your “funTime” watching porn allowing me to see exactly what you see.

This has also affected your smartphone via an expl0it. So do not think for one minute you can circumvent this by reinstalling your OS. You have already been recorded.

After that my malware collected all your messengers, emails and social networks contacts.

I guess this isn’t good news right?
But don’t worry too much, there’s a way so we can fix this privacy issue. All i require is a Bitcoin payment of  40 USD which i think is a fair price considering the circumstances.

The address to make the payment is: 128BrjPJQREWfbwh75QGA6sE6aX1Shq9SD
If you don’t understand bitcoin, go on youtube and search for “how to buy bitcoin” or google for “localbitcoins”, its pretty easy to do it.

You have only 48 hours after reading this to send payment (Be warned i know when you have opened and read this , i have placed a pixel image inside it. Which enables me to know when you have opened the messaged on exactly what day and time)‚Äč

If you decide to ignore this warning, i will have no choice but to forward the video to all the collected contacts you have on your email account, aswell as post on your social media accounts (facebook etc) + send as a personal message to all FB contacts. and of course make the video publicly available on internet, via youtube and adult websites. , i highly doubt you want to be exposed to your family/friends/coworkers 

If i receive payment all the material will be destroyed and you will never hear from me again.